death midwife

(名詞) 協助家屬在自家辦喪事 (home funeral) 的人。

在美國,由於經濟不景氣,home funeral 越來越盛行,而 death midwife 的人數也越來越多,因為在家辦喪事比在殯儀館 (funeral home or funeral parlor ) 舉行葬體便宜許多,而 death midwife 的收費亦比殯葬業者 (funeral director or undertaker) 來得低廉。

While only a tiny portion of the nation’s dead are cared for at home, the number is growing. There are at least 45 organizations or individuals nationwide that help families with the process, compared with only two in 2002, Mr. Slocum said. The cost of a death midwife, as some of the coaches call themselves, varies from about $200 for an initial consultation to $3,000 if the midwife needs to travel.
—Katie Zezima, " Home Burials Offer an Intimate Alternative," New York Times, July 21, 2009