(名詞) 玩窒息性愛 (autoerotic partial asphyxia) 的人。除 autoerotic partial asphyxia 外,窒息性愛在國外亦叫做 scarfing, breath control play, edge play 或 asphyxiophilia。窒息性愛死亡 (事件) 叫做 autoerotic death。gasper 原義為「喘氣的人」。

Autoerotic death is, usually, an accidental death while attempting to achieve orgasm via some form of asphyxiation. Estimates have placed deaths from this practice, in the United States, at between 500-1,000 per year. Other names for autoerotic partial asphyxia are scarfing, breath control play, edge play or asphyxiophilia. [...] People who engage in it are often referred to as gaspers.
—Patricia A. Farrell, "Sex and Death: The ultimate price for pleasure," ExpertClick, June 5, 2009