spider cleaning

(名詞) (清潔工吊著繩索的) 高樓外牆清潔作業。若清潔工是坐在滑車上,則這種高樓外牆清潔作業就叫做 rig cleaning

As high-rise buildings mushroom across the city, facade cleaners—the ones who dangle from ropes to give those glass houses the impeccable look—are finding more jobs and more challenges.…“If a person hangs from a rope and cleans, the process is called ‘spider cleaning.’ When he sits on a seat attached to a pulley, it is ‘rig cleaning.’ In cases of spider cleaning, the rope will be connected to a pillar or an ‘I’ joint on the top of the terrace.”
—A Selvaraj, "Heights of cleanliness," Times of India, March 2, 2009