(名詞) 十二進位論者:認為現行的十進位制應改為十二進位制的人。
dozenal (形容詞):十二進位的;十二進位制的。
dozenalism (名詞):十二進位論。

注意:12 進位制通常叫做 duodecimal system,但許多人亦稱之為 dozenal system,此乃 dozenalist 這個字的起源。

Dozenalists aren't cranks or crotchety anti-metric grouches. We just find the dozenal system easier, more efficient, and otherwise better than the decimal.
—Donald P Goodman quoted in Alex Bellos, "Dozenalists of the world unite! Rise up against the tyranny of ten!," The Guardian, December 12, 2012

Die-hard fans of the number 12 — dubbed "dozenalists" — say the real time to celebrate is 2016 because they are counting in base 12. The rest of us learn to count in base 10. That new year will be huge to the dozenalists.
—Janice Lloyd, "12/12/12: Dozens of ways to seize the day, month, year," USA Today, December 12, 2012