(名詞) 一隻或多隻腳趾過度肥大。亦寫成 toe-besity。這個字是由 toe + obesity 組合而成。
toebese (形容詞) 一隻或多隻腳趾過度肥大的。

Thanks to new medical-spa specialties described this week in The New York Times, women whose feet are too wide to fit into skinny pumps, or who suffer from the scourge of what is being called "toebesity," can simply get a foot facelift or toe tuck.
—Renée Loth, "The agony of the feet," The Boston Globe, May 3, 2014

According to Look magazine the 33-year-old, who tied the knot with Kanye West in a lavish Italian ceremony on Saturday, had 'toebesity' liposuction on her feet so she could ease them into her shoes pain-free.

Toe lipo, also nicknamed 'a Loub job', is a procedure to remove a small bit of fat so your toes can fit better into pointy stilettos without pinching.
—Bianca London, "Did Kim Kardashian have a 'Loub job' before her wedding?," MailOnline, May 27, 2014