(名詞) 資訊肥胖:過度吸收資訊。亦寫成 info-besity。這個字是由 information + obesity 拼綴而成。
-infobese (形容詞):資訊肥胖的 (過度吸收資訊的)。

People are suffering from info-besity. They are constantly snacking on LOLcats, on Psy on The Harlem Shake while similarly nibbling on Syria or tsunamis or European austerity and Australian politics.
—Stig Richards, "Bland Australian youth growing up as the 'info-besity generation'," Mumbrella, April 23, 2013

As someone ever-eager to flaunt my grammatical shallowness, I felt chagrined recently when a friend dropped "infobesity" into the conversation before I'd had a chance to claim this latest buzzword and introduce it in my column.
—Peter Bromhead, "Suffering from nomophobia?," The New Zealand Herald, October 3, 2014