(名詞) 誤導或騙人的新聞報導 (目的在掩護某一見不得光的事件或轉移焦點,使其能順利進行)。這個字是由 information 和 propaganda 拼綴而成。

That is the conclusion of a fascinating new book, "Why America Fights," which traces America's involvement in a number of wars. It introduces a new word: infoganda. This being the masquerading of propaganda to go to war as information; Donald Rumsfeld called it "perception management." When you watch the military flyovers here each July 3, that is really and sadly part of that infoganda campaign, which has gotten costly and almost sacrilegious if you oppose it.
—John Frievalds, "Government 'infoganda' has turned defense spending into a sacred cow," Telegraph Herald, March 14, 2010