(名詞) 智慧型手錶 - 可執行應用程式、上網且內建一個或多個感應器的手錶。亦寫成 smart-watch, smart watch。

A decade ago, Nick Hayek, chief executive of the Swatch Group, and Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, introduced in New York a new kind of watch called the Paparazzi. It was presented as the pioneer of the so-called smartwatch, giving the wearer access to news, stock quotes and other data via Microsoft's MSN service.
—Raphael Minder, "Swiss Watchmakers Skeptical of Digital Revolution," The New York Times, March 26, 2014

Hypponen's quirky use of his Pebble is at least one answer to the question: what are smartwatches for? As sales of smartphones slacken, because almost everyone who wants one has one, hardware companies are looking around for other gadgets to sell us. And the smartwatch is their latest idea.
—Charles Arthur, "Analysis: Cool, wearable technology may be a few years away," The Guardian (London), May 28, 2014