green tape

(名詞) 過多的環保法令和規定。亦寫成 greentape

註:顯然地,這字詞是仿效 red tape (繁文縟節,官樣文章,) 所創造的,不過 red tape 早在 1736 年就已存在。

The Prime Minister will use a high-powered business forum in Canberra today to support industry concerns about the burden of "green tape" that leads to delays and cost blowouts on projects.
—David Crowe and Annabel Hepworth, "PM tells premiers to cut green tape to free capital," The Australian, April 12, 2012

As soon as green building regulations got branded a conservatory tax, they were meekly dropped... The chancellor has taken to cynically rousing the Tory party against "burdensome" green tape.
—"Green politics: a movement in search of a voice," The Guardian, May 14, 2012