silent traveler

(名詞) 沈默的遊客:與目的地的旅遊業幾乎沒有互動 (包括不請當地導遊),反而比較喜歡自己使用行動裝置來導覽、做各項安排及找資料的人。

The silent traveller

The digital age is giving rise to a new kind of traveller who requires far less human interaction. Adept at using all available online and mobile tools to research holidays, take out insurance, make bookings and sightsee. These new travellers shun human contact, preferring apps and other tools to forge their own way.
—"Top Travel Trends for 2014,", March 7, 2014

They're known as the Silent Traveler, the "mobile-first" travel consumer. These are consumers who don't just use their mobile devices to research and book hotels, but they also turn to them first to solve any problems they encounter when travelling. This is something that usually falls into the domain of the hotel customer service staff — but not for these travelers.
—"Shhh…There's A New Silent Traveler In Town (And Here's Why They're Important)," Leonardo, November 4, 2014