vertical sprawl

(名詞) 垂直擴展 - 無計畫地在面積相當小的區域大量興建高樓大廈,因而導致交通壅塞、停車困難及基礎設施嚴重不足等問題。

The proposed complex would bolster the entertainment district's cultural landscape, he said, but it also opens the door to a planning dispute on the proposed 80-storey height of the condo towers.

"Managing vertical sprawl is as big a challenge as urban sprawl," Mr. Vaughan said.
—Megan O'Toole, "Frank Gehry thinks Toronto’s architecture is 'mostly banal,' but don't worry, every city is like that," National Post, October 1, 2012

Using an aerial image of the so-called "vertical sprawl," high-rise contemporary apartments of Shanghai as an example, Dittmar explored the negative trend of standardizing and effectively de-humanizing urban dwellings — lessening culture and quality of life.
—Caitlin Schudalla, "Conference at OU examines national living solutions," The Norman Transcript, April 4, 2013