(名詞) 你所訂閱的電子報、服務或其他資訊所寄來的非個人亦非垃圾、但你未必想要閱讀或根本沒有時間閱讀的電子郵件。亦寫成 BACN, bacon

The smart labels feature essentially focuses on "bacn," that brand of e-mail that people subscribe to and generally want to read — but don't have time for right now. Think bank statements, neighborhood newsletters, airline frequent flier program updates and targeted advertisements from stores where you actually shop.
—John D. Sutter, "Google 'smart labels' aim to de-stress e-mail," CNN, March 9, 2011

In a world where BACN is the new SPAM, is the new SPAM blocker.
—Matt Cameron, " Launches on BlackBerry App World," BlackBerry Cool, May 27, 2011