Revenues from delebs are already rising as rights companies become more aggressive about advertising and product deals, says Reeder, whose company represents estates including Albert Einstein, Andy Warhol and Johnny Cash. ... [A] deleb cannot be caught sniffing cocaine or punching a nightclub bouncer.
—Katie Allen, "Yves Saint Laurent tops dead celebrity earning league," The Guardian, October 29, 2009

有人可能認為 delebrity 與 deleb 同義,只是拼字比較長而已,但情況似乎並非如此,在大多數的應用中,delebrity 意為「著名的時裝設計師」,是由 designer 和 celebrity 拼綴而成。

Similarly, Japanese chain Uniqlo brought in the likes of Alice Roi, Phillip Lim, Lutz & Patmos, Jones and Maruyam to create special limited edition lines for its stores. "It's a reality that's not going away, but it runs the risk of having some backlash if there is too much," Robert Burke, founder of fashion consultancy Robert Burke Associates, said of the "delebrity" phenomenon.
—Marc Karimzadeh, "The Delebrities," Women's Wear Daily, December 11, 2007