freeze out; freeze over; freeze up; freshen up; front for; front off; front onto; front out; front up; frown on/upon

freeze * out +
They tried to freeze me out of the conversation.

freeze * out +
After John was frozen out of the case, they hired a new lawyer.

freeze over
(湖泊、河流等水域) 結冰;冰封
The winter was very severe and the lake froze over.

freeze up
The pipes all froze up so no water came through.

freeze up
(機器零件) 故障沒有作用了,不能運轉了
The gears had frozen up.

freeze up
(電腦) 當機
The computer froze up; it showed me the blue screen of death and I couldn't reboot.

freeze up
(因緊張而) 呆住,發楞;(因怯場或害怕而) 講不出話來
We froze up when we heard the window break.

freshen up
梳洗 (一下)
I'm going to the bathroom to freshen up before they arrive.

freshen * up +
添 (酒)
Here, let me freshen up your drink.

freshen * up +
The magazine gives you tips on how to freshen up your home cheaply.

front for +
The solicitor fronts for a number of criminal gangs.

front * off +
The two guys fronted each other off, but someone managed to calm them down before it got out of hand.

front onto +
(建築物) 面向,朝向
My house fronts onto the main square.

front * out +
面對 (某人) 來迎戰批評或攻擊
He accused her of lying, but she fronted him out.

front * up +
(購買某物前) 預付 (款項)
She fronted up the money we needed.

frown on/upon +
He frowns on people making personal calls at work.
My mother has always frowned upon spending money needlessly.