(名詞) 西洋棋拳擊賽。由 chess 和 boxing 組合而成。

顧名思義,這是一種由西洋棋 (chess) 和拳擊 (boxing) 混合而成的運動比賽,由荷蘭藝術家 Iepe Rubingh 於 2003 年所創。比賽共有 11 回合,在拳擊擂台上競技,西洋棋和拳擊輪流交替進行, 第一回合先進行西洋棋賽。在西洋棋比賽中,選手不戴拳擊手套,但戴著耳機和耳塞以便專心思考。西洋棋賽每回合四分鐘,而拳擊賽每回合三分鐘,由先將對方將死 (checkmate) 或擊倒 (knockout) 的一方獲勝。若 11 回合結束後仍不分勝負,則由拳賽積點最多的一方獲勝。這種比賽目前僅在歐洲國家進行,但有越來越盛行的趨勢。

As the name would suggest in Chessboxing, rounds of chess are alternated with rounds of boxing. They take turns over 11 rounds with four minutes of chess and three of boxing. The action takes place in the ring in full boxing gear, although the gloves are removed for the chess. The competitors also wear earplugs and headphones during the chess rounds to help with concentration.

If there is no winner after 11 rounds of punching and castling, victory is awarded to the fighter with the most points in the boxing ring.
—Chris Irvine, "Chessboxing popularity grows with London show," Telegraph, October 12, 2009