beer miler

(名詞) 喝啤酒賽跑 (比賽) 的參賽者。
beer mile (名詞):喝啤酒賽跑 (比賽)。
beer miling (現在分詞):喝啤酒賽跑。

顧名思義,這項賽跑的距離為一英里,跑四圈,男子組每圈喝一罐啤酒,共喝四罐,而女子組則喝三罐。這項運動比賽起源於加拿大,但有逐漸向世界各地蔓延的趨勢。目前 beer mile 的世界紀錄保持人是一位名叫 Jim Finlayson 的加拿大男士,時間為 5 分 9 秒。

He belongs to a generation of runners whose carefree attitudes have fuelled the popularity of running clubs that prove, according to Canadian Running magazine editor Michal Kapral, "we're not a bunch of prudes." They include beer milers, who claim a fair number of frat boys but also serious runners.
—Hayley Mick, "A beer before a run? Some serious runners say yes," The Globe and Mail, October 29, 2009

The event usually happens at a dark, secluded track, away from campus security or city police — sometimes it might even take place on a farmer's field in the country — but no matter the venue, the challenge remains the same. The contest calls for runners to chug four beers (three for the women's event) at regular 400m intervals during a mile race, in an attempt to crown the fastest beer miler.
—Mihira Lakshman, "Beer and running — an unlikely pairing," Canadian Running, October 29, 2009