(名詞) 英國退出歐盟 (European Union, EU)。這個字是由 Britain 或 British + exit 拼綴而成。

"Brexit" would pose a grave threat to the UK car industry and the City of London, and cause foreign investment to dry up, a report for the Centre for European Reform (CER) stated.
—Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, "Wise Men warn on dangerous delusions of Brexit," The Telegraph (London), June 9, 2014

But what would "Brexit" — a British exit from the 28-nation EU — look like? Eurosceptics argue that withdrawal would reverse immigration, save the taxpayer billions and free Britain from an economic burden. Europhiles counter that it would lead to deep economic uncertainty and cost thousands, possibly even millions, of jobs.
—Katie Allen, et al., "Brexit — what would happen if Britain left the EU?," The Guardian (London), May 14, 2015