(名詞) 捨傳統教學工具而就網路學習及其他高科技學習方法的教育改革運動。亦寫成 edu-punk

The troubled economy and changing technology have already fueled a do-it-yourself education reform movement dubbed "edupunk," which envisions virtual campuses and lower-cost or even free instruction. The edupunks are picking up where traditional institutions left off.
—Patrick Arden, "Will NYC's College Building Boom Bubble Pop?," The Village Voice, July 27, 2010

Edupunks — the term for high-tech do-it-yourself educators who skirt traditional structures — are piloting wiki-type U's that stitch together open course material from many institutions and combine it with student-to-student interaction.
—Katie Hafner, "An Open Mind," The New York Times, April 16, 2010