pup nup

(名詞) 具體指明離婚時誰擁有寵物監護權的婚前協議 (prenuptial agreement)。亦寫成 pup-nup, pupnup。

When considering a prenuptial agreement, couples usually include their thoughts on pre-marital finances, 401K plans, bank accounts and real estate. But they should also discuss what to do about dogs, cats and other animals acquired before and during the marriage.
—Gina Calogero, "Prenups and Pup-Nups: Getting it in Writing," Gina Calogero Attorney at Law, February 15, 2013

One of the more common things Mr Edward sees is people fighting over pets.

"I've coined the terms pet nup and pup nup.

"It should say if the couple bust up, John gets the poodle or the wife gets the parrot."
—Kylie Adoranti, "Casey, Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Brimbank have the highest number of divorcees in Melbourne, ABS figures show," Melbourne Leader (Melbourne, Australia), September 23, 2014