(形容詞) 能馬上開始的;可立即執行的。亦寫成 oven ready

Universities South West Executive Director Deborah Watson said: “We are delighted that 12 Innovation Vouchers have now been awarded and we are oversubscribed. A reserve list has been created and only ‘oven ready’ projects will be considered for possible reserve places at this stage.”
—Olivier Vergnault, “£200,000 cash pot for start-up firms in Devon and Cornwall,” Western Morning News, February 10, 2015

The 500 pages that make up this draft bill will form part of what Labour hope will be an oven-ready plan to dramatically change councils if political agreement can be reached after the election.
—Nick Servini, “Councils shake-up could save £650m, Andrews says,” BBC News, November 24, 2015