run over; run through; run to; run up; run up against; run up on; run with; rush into

run over +
Could you run over that point again; I'm afraid I didn't quite understand it.

run * over +
(開車) 碾過,撞倒
The driver couldn't stop in time and ran the fox over when it ran in front of his car.

run over
超出 (預期的時間)
The meeting ran over by twenty minutes.

run through +
The cast ran through the play the day before it opened to the public.

run * through
(用刀、劍等) 刺穿 (某人)
The musketeer ran his enemy through with a sword and killed him.

run to +
去找 (某人) (投訴、求援、指點等);求助於 (某人)
Whenever he gets into debt, he runs to his parents for help.

run to +
買得起;有足夠的錢購買 (某物) -- 通常用於否定句
I don't think we can run to a new mobile phone at the moment.

run up
He ran up next to me and started shouting.

run * up +
揚起,升起 (旗子等)
They ran up the Union Jack.

run * up +
匆匆地做成 (某物);趕製 (衣服);趕工建成 (某建築物)
He ran up a few examples for them to look at.

run * up +
積欠 (帳款或債務)
He ran up a lot of bills at the hotel.

run up against +
(通常指意外地) 遭遇,遇到 (問題,困難等)
They ran up against a lot of opposition to the construction.

run up on +
悄悄地接近 (某人)
Robert was sitting in his car and a guy ran up on him and shot through the car but missed.

run with +
與 (某人 -- 通常是不好的傢伙) 為伍;與 (某人 -- 通常是不好的傢伙) 交往或往來
She runs with some dodgy characters.

rush into +
They don't want to be rushed into giving an answer and have asked for more time.