reason out; rent out; ring in; ring out; ring round/around; ring up; ring with

reason * out +
(經由推論) 想出
He reasoned out the answer to the math problem.

rent * out +
出租 (房屋、辦公室等)
They rented their house out while they were abroad.

ring in
打電話 (給辦公室、電台、電視台等)
I rang in and told them I would be late.

ring out
Two shots rang out and then we heard a scream.

ring round/around
給 (許多人) 打電話 (通常是為了知道某事或想取得某方面的資訊)
I rang round to see if anyone knew where she'd gone.

ring * up
打電話 (給某人)
Jack rang me up last night at 3:00 in the morning.

ring * up +
(數量或金額) 達到
The company rang up about $200 million in trading losses.

ring * up +
把 (收進的錢款) 輸入收銀機
They rang up the bill for the groceries.

ring with +
(某個場所) 充滿響亮的聲音
The room rang with their laughter.