(名詞) 相信地球上的大部分生物可能或將會被巨大的火山爆發毀滅的人。

Leckie told the LA Times: "Those bison were running for the sake of running. There was nothing chasing them. There was no mudslide. They were just running."

Two weeks later, an earthquake swarm hit the Yellowstone area.

"That's when things really exploded," he told the Times. "Eruptionists and conspiracists pirated the video and misrepresented it, suggesting that it was shot after the earthquakes."
—Katy Muldoon, "Yellowstone bison stampede fact check: They didn't predict diddly," Oregon Live, April 4, 2014

The difference between my interest and that of eruptionists is that they think the big bang will happen tomorrow because it didn’t happen today.
—Ken Newton, "Amid the mysteries of Elwood," St. Joseph News-Press, April 5, 2014