buy in; buy into; buy off; buy out; buy up; buzz around; buzz off

buy * in +
大量買進 (某物)
They bought in lots of salt.

buy into +
I never bought into the idea of my son marrying to her.

buy * off +
買通 (某人);向 (某人) 行賄;用錢疏通
He bought the newspaper off by placing a lot of adverts.

buy * out +
Pacific Inc. was bought out by a company from Oregon.
His business partners bought him out to get rid of him.

buy * up +
We bought up all the beer in the store.

buzz around +
在 (某地) 跑來跑去地忙碌著;在 (某地) 忙來忙去
Reporters were buzzing around the scene of the accident.

buzz off
離開 (某地)
I'm buzzing off now- I have to meet some people.

buzz off
走開,滾開 (一般用於祈使句)
He told them to buzz off because they were annoying him.
Buzz off and stop bothering me!