(名詞) 年輕的大學畢業生在找到工作或儲蓄足夠的錢之前推遲或暫緩結婚、購屋等活動的階段。

In global surveys young Arabs turn out to be relatively optimistic about the future. The frustrations they experience as they turn into adults—notably the years of "waithood" that are typical before they find jobs and, therefore, before they can marry and enjoy sex (premarital relations are taboo in much of the Arab world)—are hardly the stuff of which political revolutions are generally made.
—"The fever under the surface," The Economist, July 23, 2009

Last year's UN human development report for Egypt said many of the nation's young people were trapped in "waithood", defined as a prolonged period "during which they simply wait for their lives to begin".
—Jack Shenker, "Egypt's frustrated young wait for their lives to begin, and dream of revolution," The Observer, January 23, 2011