statement socks

(名詞) 宣言襪:穿來讓人留下好印象、凸顯自己或表達某種訴求的襪子。

Well, this year's interpretation (see, I'm becoming fashiony by osmosis) is to create a biker boot with strategically placed holes in the ankle, to either let the sweat out or give the wearer a whole extra layer of dressing anxiety as they rootle through their sock drawer for appropriately 'statement' socks.
—Lynne Barrett-Lee, "Join the tartan army? I'd rather have a naked foot...," Wales Online, October 5, 2013

An added bonus: Statement socks are an easy and often inexpensive indulgence. Though high-end designs are certainly available (you can buy $185 socks at Barney's, should your path in life lead to that), you can also buy the socks at stores like Forever 21 and Target, the latter of which says it "has seen a steady interest" in statement socks since introducing them in 2012.
—Megan Garber, "'Like Lingerie for Men': How Statement Socks Became So Trendy," The Atlantic, October 1, 2014