(名詞) 因照顧和養育嬰兒而缺乏睡眠所造成的生理節奏失調與極度疲勞感。亦寫成 baby lag, babylag

註:這個字是仿效 jet lag (時差) 所創造;jet lag 於 1965 年被《牛津英語大辭典》(Oxford English Dictionary, OED) 所收錄。

Meantime, Angelina Jolie just can't help giving interviews when she's tired. She has many children now (six, and rarin' for seven), so she probably is always tired....Was Jolie suffering from jet-lag? Baby-lag?
—John Timpane, "SideShow," The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 21, 2008

New parents who mistakenly put milk in a washing machine and socks in a fridge are not going crazy...they are suffering from 'babylag'.
—Katy Winter, "Did you put milk in the washing machine and socks in the fridge this morning? You might be suffering from Babylag," The Daily Mail, September 14, 2012