stealth wear

(名詞) 隱形衣:人員穿上後可防止被監視系統追蹤、辨識或拍照的衣服。亦寫成 stealthwear
stealth-wear (形容詞):隱形衣的。

The term "stealth wear" sounded cool, if a bit extreme, when I first heard it early this year. It's a catchy description for clothing and accessories designed to protect the wearer from detection and surveillance. I was amused. It seemed like an updated version of a tinfoil hat, albeit a stylish one.
—Jenna Wortham, "Stealth Wear Aims to Make a Tech Statement," The New York Times, June 29, 2013

Clothing and accessories designed to help individuals remain anonymous in public, known as stealth wear, are becoming increasingly popular.
—Kristin Feledy, "Slacks That Literally Hide Your Butt," SiliconAngle, July 1, 2013