saddle up; saddle with; saw at; saw off; saw up; scale back/down; scale up

saddle * up +
上馬鞍;給 (馬) 裝鞍具
She saddled up the horse and rode off.

saddle * with
They saddled me with preparing the visit.

saw at +
(為切割某物而) 拉鋸般來回移動
Tony was sawing at the piece of chicken with his knife.

saw * off +
He sawed off the legs of the chair.

saw * up +
把 … 鋸成小段
We sawed the plank up to make the shelves.

scale * back/down +
縮減,縮小 (規模、數量等)
They had to scale back the project because of the costs.
The search operation has been scaled down.

scale * up +
增加,擴大 (規模、數量等)
They are scaling up the program because it has been so successful.