trigger warning

(名詞) 書籍、電影或其他素材事先對於其含有可能引發痛苦情緒或精神創傷反應之內容所提出的警告。亦寫成 trigger alert

All GSIs and professors of social science and humanities courses should undergo training comparable to that of intergroup dialogue facilitators to ensure heightened sensitivity to diverse perspectives. Instructors should also make a concerted effort to give students "trigger warnings" that alert them to upcoming class materials that could be potentially offensive, explicit or controversial.
—"From the Daily: Let's talk about race," The Michigan Daily, March 20, 2014

The latest attack on academic freedom comes not from government authorities or corporate pressure but from students. At UC Santa Barbara, the student Senate recently passed a resolution that calls for mandatory "trigger warnings" — cautions from professors, to be added to their course syllabi, specifying which days' lectures will include readings or films or discussions that might trigger feelings of emotional or physical distress.
—"Warning: College students, this editorial may upset you," Los Angeles Times, March 31, 2014