(動詞) 做既刺激又放鬆的事情。這個字是由 thrill 和 relax 拼綴而成。
thrillaxing (動名詞/現在分詞)
thrillaxation (名詞)

Our new favourite word is "thrillax" so be warned, it's one that we expect to be somewhat overused in the short term on this blog!...To us thrillaxing is what more people should be doing with their free time — getting together with groups of friends, making your heart race with a mixture of exertion and fear then laughing together when the fear subsides and you reach the target.
—"Thrillax Yorkshire," Rock Steady Adventure, April 18, 2012

Tim Locke, head of marketing at Mark Warner, said there was a "growing trend for people wanting to combine fitness and well-being on holiday", which he put down to the Olympics...PR wags have even had coined the term "thrillax" to describe the trend.
—Josie Gurney-Read, "Olympic Games inspires interest in active holidays," The Daily Telegraph, Aug 8, 2012