(名詞) 酷愛道路的人,包括對道路圖 (road map)、道路建設、道路歷史和道路旅行的熱愛。亦寫成 road-geekroad geek

If you'd consider basically any road travel enthusiast to be a roadgeek, then it'd basically be all truckers. If you'd only consider someone who actively keeps up with construction projects (other than in areas where they're headed), keeps up to date on signage oddity/old sign sightings and actively searches for them, and sometimes goes out of the way to drive an old alignment/clinch a highway, then it's likely very few.
—Molandfreak, "Re: What Percentage of Truckers Are Roadgeeks," AARoads Forum, October 10, 2014

However roadgeeks are not necessarily interested in motor vehicles; there may also be an interest in cartography and map design. Enthusiasts may focus on a single activity related to roads, such as driving the full length of the highway system in a specific area, researching the history, planning and quirks of a particular road or national highway system. They are occasionally quoted in the press on topics related to the history of roads. Sometimes, road geeks are called "highway historians" for the knowledge and interests.
—"Roadgeeks," The Dabbler, June 6, 2015