(名詞) 以肉食為主的動物。亦寫成 hyper-carnivorehyper carnivore (hyper 意為「超出,超過」;carnivore 意為「肉食動物」)。
hypercarnivorous (adj.):以肉食為主的。

After analyzing 15,000-year-old fossil records, a group of evolutionary biologists calculated the size of prehistoric carnivores and herbivores and concluded that huge “hypercarnivores” could have hunted massive mammoths, mastodons, and ground sloths — curbing any potential overconsumption of plant life.
—Frida Garza, “‘Hypercarnivores’ may have maintained ancient ecosystems by hunting mammoths and mastodons,” Quartz, October 29, 2015

House cats are an absolute ecological nightmare, implicated in the extinction of dozens of species, and posing a grave threat to many more….They’re only follow[ing] their predatory instincts; ultimately the fault is with you. Your love of felines opens the door for these hypercarnivores to invade new environments and catch unsuspecting creatures unaware.
—Jacqueline Ronson, “Cats Are an Ecological Nightmare and Ruining the Environment,” Inverse, October 12, 2016