(名詞) 與你同名,而且當你用你的名字在 Google 進行搜尋時,他的網路參考資料又與你雷同的人。亦寫成 Google-ganger。這個字是由 Google 和 doppelganger (面貌酷似的人) 拼綴而成。

英文中還有一個詞與 doppelganger 同義,那就是 dead ringer。

The point is, when you Google yourself, it's a bit of a blow to your ego when you discover that: A) your name isn't unique, and B) other people have done more with it than you. These are your so-called Googlegangers, from the German "doppelgänger."
—Casey Phillips, "Reflections in an online mirror," Chattanooga Times Free Press, April 16, 2010

Lorraine Sommerfeld is a psychiatrist in Amarillo, Texas. Lorraine Sommerfeld is also a writer in North Dakota for a rural publication called Prairie Business Magazine. Lorraine Sommerfeld in Saskatoon has a Facebook page. These are my Googlegangers.
—Lorraine Sommerfeld, "Finding an identity that's right as Raine," The Toronto Star, April 21, 2008