(名詞) 沒有子女因而溺愛姪子、姪女、外甥和外甥女的婦女。這個字乃 professional aunt no kids 的頭字語。

Emmert and millions of other PANKs (professional aunt, no kids) are opting not to have kids, finding fulfillment in bonding with their nieces and nephews instead. Their numbers are growing: Nearly 20 percent of American women reach 40 to 44 childless, compared with 10 percent in the 1970s, said a 2008 Pew Research Center report.
—Bill Ward, "PANKs: Happy with the role of aunt," Minneapolis Star Tribune, February 22, 2012

Breaking acronym alert! The world's sociologists have been at it again. All hail the pank, or “professional aunt, no kids”, a species defined by the spoiling, confidence-sharing and general nurturing of other people's nippers.
—Hannah Betts, "Why this devoted 'professional aunt, no kids' is proud to be a 'pank'," The Telegraph, November 11, 2013