rainbow ceiling

(名詞) 同性戀員工個人升遷的無形障礙。亦叫做 pink ceiling。cf. glass ceiling。

Indeed, so LGBT people face their own glass ceiling, limiting how far they can rise in a given company or career?

Those in the community see it. They even have a name for it: They call it the "pink ceiling" or the "rainbow ceiling."
—John Luciew, "Marriage inequality only beginning of burden for gays," Patriot News (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), August 11, 2013

Chris writes:

I am an out gay man in my late 20s. I was lucky to have liberal and accepting parents that pushed me to excel in school and attend university. I consider myself a successfully "launched" millennial and I've made it my mission to break the rainbow ceiling wherever I work.
—Conor Friedersdorf, "28 Distinct Takes on Gay Marriage and Stigma," The Atlantic, April 15, 2014