keep in with; kill off; kip down; kip down on; knock over

keep in with +
(尤指為得到幫助) 與 (某人) 友好相處,與 (某人) 保持良好關係
I like to keep in with my ex-employer, because you never know when you might need a reference. (我樂於跟前僱主保持良好關係,因為說不定什麼時候可能會需要他的推薦函)
I like to keep in with the school inspectors. (我樂於與督學保持良好關係)

kill * off +
There used to be a lot of wolves around here, but most of them have been killed off. (這一帶以前常有許多狼,但現在牠們大多已遭殺害)
Lack of funding is killing off small theaters. (資金短缺令小劇院紛紛倒閉)

kip down
(英) (尤指不是在自己家中) 睡覺
It's too late to get the train, so can I kip down here tonight? (太晚沒火車了,我今晚可以睡這裡嗎?)

kip down on +
(英) 睡在床鋪以外的地方
You can have my bed and I'll kip (down) on the sofa. (你可以睡在我的床上,我睡沙發)

knock over +
搶劫;偷竊 (與 knock off 同義)
The gang knocked over a betting shop yesterday afternoon. (那幫匪徒昨天下午打劫了一家投注站)
He has a stack of computer equipment he's knocked over from various shops. (他有一大堆從各個商店偷來的電腦設備)