lawnmower parent

(名詞) 割草機父母:替子女解決問題、為他們排除障礙、想方設法要讓他們的人生道路一帆風順的父母。

Some parents have taken the advice to such an extreme that they're hesitant to impose any consequences at all on their children. These include the helicopter parents who monitor their children's every move and the lawnmower parents who mow down any obstacle in their children's path.
—Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, "Spare the Spanking, Spoil the Report Card?," The Wall Street Journal, January 21, 2010

Director Prof Alan Hayes said lawnmower parents had taken up where so-called "helicopter" parents left off.
"Instead of hovering over their children closely monitoring them as helicopter parents are said to, lawnmower parents get out in front of their children to try and clear the way for them," he told the Herald Sun.
—Elissa Doherty, "Lawnmower parents cut confidence," Herald Sun, April 14, 2011