grasp at; grass on; grass up; grey out; grind away; grind down; grind into; grind on; grind out; grind up

grasp at +
試圖抓住 (某物)
He grasped at the rail when he fell.

grasp at +
毫不猶豫地抓住 (機會)
They grasped at the chance to speak to her.

grass on +
(向當局、警方) 告發,揭發
He grassed on us and got us into a lot of trouble.

grass * up +
(向當局、警方) 告發,揭發
She didn't grass them up, even though they'd been bullying her badly.

grey * out +
取消電腦程式的某項功能 (使該按鈕變成灰色、沒有作用)
They greyed out the print button to stop people using it. (在美式英語中,grey 拼成 gray)

grind away
不停地做 (某事)
Although I hated it, I ground away until I finished.

grind * down +
折磨;壓迫;澆 (某人) 冷水
Their negativity grinds me down.

grind * into +
She ground her cigarette into the ashtray.

grind on
The war ground on for years.

grind on
He was still grinding on about football when we left.

grind * out +
吃力地寫出 (文章、樂曲等) 或做出 (某樣東西)
I find it very hard to grind out an original essay every week.

grind * up +
She ground the beans up and made some coffee.