(名詞) 能同時滿足愛好、品味等截然不同的消費者之需求的產品本質和固有特性。這個字是由 paradoxical (自相矛盾的) 和 essence 拼綴而成。
paradessential (形容詞):這種產品本質和固有特性的。

Many products exhibit a paradoxical essence, or paradessence, in promising to simultaneously satisfy two opposing consumer/buyer desires. 'Products blessed with paradessence somehow combine two mutually exclusive states and satisfy both simultaneously. Ice cream melds eroticism and innocence. Air travel offers sanitised adventure. Amusement parks provide terror and reassurance. Automobiles render drivers reckless and safe. Sneakers grasp earth and help consumers soar free. Muzak is a hybrid of transience and eternity'.
—Aidan O'Driscoll, "Culture, Contradiction and Marketing Pragmatism," Irish Marketing Review, September 9, 2009