human cloud

(名詞) 人雲端 - 公司或企業利用網站或應用程式可以暫時雇用來執行所需工作的獨立工作者。

Employers are starting to see the human cloud as a new way to get work done. White-collar jobs are chopped into hundreds of discrete projects or tasks, then scattered into a virtual “cloud” of willing workers who could be anywhere in the world, so long as they have an internet connection.
—Sarah O'Connor, “The human cloud: A new world of work,” Financial Times, October 8, 2015

Recent developments in cloud computing have seen the addition of the ‘human element’ to the cloud and consequently the birth of the ‘human cloud’. Many organizations are already dealing with the ‘human cloud’ paradigm.
—Dania Radi, “Have You Ever Heard About the ‘Human Cloud’?,” Academy Cube, April 18, 2016