close off; close on; close out; close up; cloud over; clown about/around; cock up; color up; come about; come across

close * off +
封鎖;堵塞 (道路、通道、入口等)
The police closed the road off after the explosion.

close on +
She is closing on the leader of the race.

close * out +
We closed out the meeting early and went home.

close * out +
She closed out the account and changed to another bank.

close * out +
忽視;(將某人某事) 排除 (在外)
They always close me out of their plans.

close * up +
關閉;關 (門);打烊
They are closing the ski resort up for the summer.

close up
The ski resort is closing up for the summer.

close up
(使) 靠緊
The leaves close up when it rains.

close up
(使) 靠攏
They closed up when they saw the gang coming towards them.

cloud over
(天空) 烏雲密佈
The morning started bright and warm, but it clouded over around midday and poured with rain.

clown about/around
The students were clowning about all lesson.
I couldn't concentrate because they were clowning around all afternoon.

cock * up +
(因做錯事而) 把...搞砸;破壞
It was so easy, but he managed to cock everything up.

color up
(因害羞、尷尬等而) 臉紅
He colored up when he was caught stealing from the till.

come about
(尤指偶然) 發生
How did your idea for the book come about.

come across +
They came across some lost Mayan ruins in the jungle.

come across
給人 (某種) 印象
He came across as shy because he spoke so quietly.

come across
同意 (與某人) 發生關係
I was surprised when she came across on the first night.