clear away; clear off; clear out; clear up; click through; climb down; clog up; close down; close in; close in on

clear away
離開 (某地)
We were told to clear away from the scene of the accident.

clear * away +
After dinner, I cleared away the plates and dishes.

clear off
As soon as the trouble started, we cleared off.

clear out
Everybody clear out! We're closed.

clear * out +
I spent the whole weekend clearing out the attic as it was full of papers and other junk.

clear * up +
Susan cleared up the mess before she left.

clear * up +
Most colds clear up after a few days.
This is an effective lotion to clear up spots.

clear * up +
解決 (問題),解開 (迷團);解釋,澄清
Could you clear these points up before we go any further?

clear up
(天氣) 放晴
The skies cleared up and the sun came out.

click through +
點擊 (網路廣告)
Only a tiny fraction of users ever bother clicking through the banner adverts.

climb down
(尤指堅持己見後) 認錯
The Prime Minister had to climb down over his tax proposals because there was so much opposition from the members of his own party.

clog * up +
堵塞 (通道等)
The traffic's so bad the roads get clogged up at rush hour.

close * down +
永久關閉 (商店、工廠、事業等);(使) 停業,(使) 歇業
They closed down the corner market because it didn't have many customers.

close * down +
He closed the player down and stopped him being a threat.

close in
The fog closed in and we couldn't see two yards in front of us.

close in
The police were closing in so they decided to try to make a break.

close in on +
The rebels were closing in on the capital, so the government called in the army.
The police were closing in on the gang.