reputation bankruptcy

(名詞) 名譽破產:一種理論性的制度,可讓一個人藉由刪除個人線上的文字、圖片及其他資料來獲得「網路新生」,在網路上有個新的開始。

To allow people to escape from negative scores generated by these services, Zittrain says that people should be allowed to declare 'reputation bankruptcy' every 10 years or so, wiping out certain categories of ratings or sensitive information. His model is the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which requires consumer-reporting agencies to provide you with one free credit report a year — so you can dispute negative or inaccurate information — and prohibits the agencies from retaining negative information about bankruptcies, late payments or tax liens for more than 10 years.
—Jeffrey Rosen, "The Web Means the End of Forgetting," The New York Times, July 19, 2010