social bankruptcy

(名詞) 社群破產 - 被社群媒體主宰、淹沒、壓垮的情況;唯一的解決之道就是關閉所有社群媒體帳號。

It’s the modern way of the world and everyone loves it. …well, not everyone. In a new clip from Portlandia Carrie has had it and decides to go off the grid and to declare social bankruptcy.
—Melissa Locker, “Watch Carrie declare social bankruptcy on Portlandia,” IFC, March 11, 2014

During the event, a film called “Social Bankruptcy” showcased what life would be like without social media, and how it affects individuals. Social media is everywhere, and it’s unavoidable, having become a communication tool for the majority of society.
—Melissa Chandler, “Social networking vs. handwritten letters to remain connected,” The Commuter, March 9, 2015