check box fiction

(名詞) 核取方塊小說 - 為了標榜多元化,象徵性地在故事中加入某些元素 (尤其是那些與人物的種族、性別或性取向有關的元素)、但這些元素對故事並無作用的小說。亦寫成 checkbox fiction

The Hugos became a front in the culture war. Brad Torgersen’s posts at the very beginning about “victim class check box fiction” destroyed any rapport with people who weren’t already in his camp.
—Ken Burnside, “Hugo Awards 2015,” Google Plus, August 27, 2015

Check box” fiction really undermines the quality of my reading experience. What is “check box” fiction? It is a story that includes elements indicating diversity in the cast of characters that has zero impact on the the story.
—“That Good Story,” Liberty At All Costs, May 19, 2016