(名詞) 一個人的未讀書籍的收藏。亦寫成 anti-library

Never too many unread books for my #AntiLibrary. #RetailTherapy #Procrastination — at Barnes & Noble 86th Street…
—Sean Cusack, "Never too many…," Twitter, May 12, 2014

I like the concept of the antilibrary, mostly because it justifies my habit of incessantly acquiring new books while lacking the time to read them all. There's something very comforting about owning stacks of books — particularly non-fiction — and having them immediately on hand, should you want to know something about (say) Hitler, inequality, cats or economics.
—Hazel Phillips, "The Importance of the Antilibrary — Converting Unknown Unknowns Into Known Unknowns," Baldwin Boyle Group, January 12, 2015