misery lit

(名詞) 悲慘文學:內容以描述作者童年貧困、家暴或性侵等悲慘遭遇及作者後來戰勝這些個人創傷為主的自傳、回憶錄或小說。亦寫成 misery-lit, mis lit, misery literature, misery memoir,其中以 misery literature 最早出現。

Today's idea: Is women's fiction plagued by "misery lit," obsessed with bereavement, child abuse and rape? Or "chick lit," obsessed with Prada handbags and landing the perfect catch? Or is it torn between the two? British writers have at it.
—Tom Kuntz, "Woe Is Women's Lit," Idea of the Day (NYTimes.com), March 18, 2010

Still, prior to the Hughes and Hughes news, the recession had yet to fully impact in the way that it has in the UK, where the story is resembling something from the worst misery lit. When Borders collapsed in the UK, it left Waterstone's as the only national chain and even that has suffered losses strong enough for it to sack its chief and reshape its business model.
—Shane Hegarty, "Is closing a bookshop akin to knocking down a unicorn?," The Irish Times, March 6, 2010