(形容詞) 開車時專注於收發簡訊的;開車時因收發簡訊而分心的。這個字是仿效 intoxicated (= drunk,酒醉的) 所創造的。
intexticating (動名詞)
intextication (名詞)。

The usual concerns arise, knowing teen drivers will be packing the ever-present buzzing and ringing cell phones from which most seem incapable of parting. We've had the discussion many times at our house of the idiocy of driving while using a cell phone and especially driving while "intexticated," and as confident as I am that my kid won't do it, there's always that nagging concern that the slightest distraction can lead to tragic consequences.
—Lorrie Lykins, "Parents, teens need safe driving contract," St. Petersburg Times, May 31, 2009