(名詞) 儘管證據顯示某個目標不可能達成,但仍繼續追求該目標。

If you suffer from goalodicy you find yourself so obsessed by the goal that you ignore the realities. You will think that the achievement of the goal will save you from all the difficult work, sacrifices and choices that you really need to make. This suspension of reality leads to reckless behaviour.
—Shaa Wasmund, "Book extract: Goals must not block out reality," The Sunday Times, October 23, 2011

Don't fall victim to 'goalodicy'

Once you start to think of some target (such as reaching a mountain's summit, or making a million, or staging the perfect wedding) as part of you, it becomes almost impossible to abandon it, even when the evidence suggests that you should.
—Oliver Burkeman, "The Power of Negative Thinking," Psychologies Magazine, September 12, 2012